Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Building Together - Prayer

The Roma congregation in Kekcse have needed a building of their own for a long time. They had outgrown the house rooms there were meeting in. FBC Greenville, SC has partnered with them to purchase a house to renovate into a place of worship and refuge for the Roma community. Last October a team from FBC joined their Roma brothers and sisters in dedicating the building to the glory of God. The partnership did not stop there....

Friday, April 20th, a team of men from FBC arrive to help with the renovations. Among the tasks are putting a fence around the property, pouring concrete pads, building a new outhouse, and many little tasks. The FBC men will work side by side with the Kekcse men. Their evenings will be spent in fellowship, worship, and listening to a blue grass band comprised of men from FBC. (Roma greatly enjoy toe-tapping music and we're sure this will be a big hit.) The FBC men head back to Greenville on April 29.

Please pray for this project. Ask God to bless this work. Pray for safety for the men traveling from the US, to the site, while working, and traveling back. Pray that much can be accomplished and the weather will be good. Pray for the worship services, asking God to speak to the hearts of those present.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hunting Eggs in Csobanka!

Easter Sunday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. The kids at Csobanka were excited because they knew Tammy neni (neni is a term of respect given to women. It literally means 'aunt') was bringing a surprise. They could barely sit still during the service!

Three adults accompanied Tammy to a church member's yard where they hid the 5 dozen brightly colored eggs. Ralph pacified the kids with cupcakes and soda but only temporarily. Soon they were racing to the yard, grabbing their bags, and looking for eggs. After we had searched high and low, still not finding 6 of the eggs, each child was given a big chocolate bunny. They all felt like winners. (We teased the "grandpa" who helped hide the eggs that he hid them well so he could go back for breakfast!)

We went back to the church building where the adults were eager to hear what happened and take a peek in the bags. They quickly agreed on families with children not present that they could give the extra chocolate bunnies to. Everyone was smiling and enjoying the fellowship of each other. It was a wonderful way to celebrate new life in the resurrection of our Lord.