Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Little Mario!

I am so blessed!  The Ruth School has a scholarship program to help defray the costs of a student attending.  It's not just the teaching.  We also offer hot meals, classroom supplies, backpacks for 1st & 5th grades, clothes, shoes, health services, and other things.  For only $30 a month anyone can help the Ruth School to be a beacon in an extremely poor, depressed neighborhood of Bucharest.  OK, enough of the commercial.  You can see how much Ralph and I believe in the mission of Project Ruth!  As the old saying goes we "put our money where our mouth is" and have sponsored a student. 
His name is Mario, he's in the 2nd grade, and this is his Christmas picture.  Oh, Mario doesn't know I'm his sponsor.  However, I know he's my student.  I get to see him in the lunchroom and say, "Hey Mario, how's it going?" and hear his sweet response.  I get to see him in the classroom bent over his schoolwork or on the soccer court kicking the ball.  I get to give him a hug or a high five as I do with many of the little ones.  I feel blessed to see nearly everyday the difference the Ruth School Scholarship program is making in the lives of students.
How about you?  Want to make a difference? 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Learning about Mark & Genesis" Gypsy Smith in January

"Evangelia, evangelia..."  A favorite song of the Gypsy Smith students means "Good news, good news."  This week one could hear the words of the song being sung with gusto from the library of the Ruth School.  24 men from around Romania, leaders in Romany churches, were gathered for a week of studying the books of Mark and Genesis.  During their breaks a guitar would appear and soon the men would be singing "the good news brings power, power..."
Tyler Tankerseley, 2nd Baptist Church, Liberty, MO, and Tiger Pennington, FBC, North Kansas City, MO led the men through the daily sessions with scripture reading and thought provoking questions.  Harold Phillips, CBF Heartland's (formerly CBF Missouri) also helped out by filling in whatever gaps were needed. Most days this included washing over 200 bowls in the Ruth School lunchroom!

Despite the language differences, the conversations and fellowship continued around the lunch tables as the Roma and American men challenged each other in their Christian walk.
The temperatures outside were frigid but the camaraderie inside was warm and inviting.  Thank you CBF Heartland for helping with the Gypsy Smith School.
Spreading the Good News...