Monday, October 27, 2008

Safe Travels!

"God give us safety in our travels." That is the prayer we pray and ask you to pray whenever we have a volunteer group with us in Hungary. We have been blessed that our groups have had no major mishaps except maybe a flat tire, a dead battery, or a clipped mirror in a tight parking situation. This July we gave God the glory for keeping us safe when a van loaded with tired young people from Virginia being driven by our colleague, Greg Smith, had a major tire blowout. We were hurdling down the four-lane at 65 mph (within the speed limit) when driving behind Greg's van I commented he must have hit something because there was smoke and debris shooting out. Greg managed to keep the van under control and safely get it to the side of the road. While cars whizzed by us as we stared at what was left of the tire. we were astonished, thankful, and relieved that he was able to do so. After much effort and a lot of sweat in the 90+ degree sun, the tire was changed and we were on our way. "God give us safety in our travels". Amen.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Summer Fun in Berencs & Kekcse!

"Yes Lord, Jo Ur, Si Senor" All the same song, just in three different languages sang by the Latino Youth of Virginia and the Roma kids of Berencs and Kekcse. The Latino Youth, part of the ministry of our colleagues, Greg and Sue Smith, came to Hungary the end of July to led children's backyard Bible clubs in the two villages of Berencs and Kekcse. The Roma kids basked in the attention of the Latino young people like the surrounding fields of sunflowers soaked in the sunshine of the summer days. The singing was exuberant with lots of motions, the story telling was interactive as the youth involved the kids (Moses led the children through the Red Sea one day), the crafts were fun, and the games never ending! Language learning was a daily activity as we heard Hungarian, Romany, Spanish, and English being spoken. Parents came to watch the activities and a few of the moms even participated in jump roping. It was a walk down memory lane to the days of their carefree childhoods. Soon the week was over and we boarded the vans for Budapest. With sweet goodbyes and a few tears, the Latino Youth parted having been the presence of Christ among the Roma children of northeastern Hungary.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time Flies

We have been in the USA for over two months! Wow! I apologize that I have not updated our blog. I promise to be better at it.

In case you haven't heard, Ralph's father, Lee Stocks, died September 14 after struggling with cancer. The family was with him and we were grateful he did not suffer. Lee was a man of great faith and we all took comfort in that.

Currently Ralph is studying! He joined Amy & Josh with homework and reading assignments. He is taking a pastoral counseling class through Wake Forest Divinity School and his internship through the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, VA.

We are also speaking at churches, telling the stories of the Roma of Hungary and the way God is at work among them. Busy, busy, busy! However, we are never too busy to hear from friends - give us a call or send an email - we want to see you!