Monday, May 26, 2008

Gandhi Camp: English + Games + Food = FUN!

28 Roma Gandhi students, 1 French Gandhi teacher, 11 Campbell University students, 1 recent Clemson grad, 1 Hungarian translator, and 2 CBF Field Personnel - mix them all together and you have a week of fun for all! The team of 12 from the US came to teach English to the chosen Gandhi students at an overnight camp in the countryside near Pecs, Hungary. The Gandhi students came to practice their English and to hear native speakers communicating. So much more was accomplished.

Laughter could be heard throughout the week as the three daily English lessons with different international themes were taught. During the recreation times the competition was good-natured and energetic. (4-square, Blob tag, soccer, limbo, frisbee tag, and others) Meals times found all present ravenous and willing to try new things. (Fat cookout for the Americans and American pancakes, s'mores, sloppy joes, and tacos for the Roma.) Craft times were spent creating works of art with picture frames, Chinese take-out boxes, and other various items. During the morning and evening gathering times the singing was enthusiastic and joyful. The talent show showcased the gifts of the Roma and Americans alike. The most moving times were the evening devotions when the American young people spoke of God's love and His influence in their lives. The Roma listened as their peers told them of God's forgiveness, power, and sacrifice. What a testimony!

When the 5 days together drew to a close tears were shed, email addresses exchanged, and memories stored away. It was a wonderful time for all involved. We are grateful to Erika, the Gandhi director, for trusting us with her students. We are grateful to the group of American college students for giving up a week of the their summer and a bit of their spending money to minister along side of us. We are grateful to all of our prayer supporters for praying for this week. Mostly we are grateful to God for loving us all.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Computer virus! Achoo!

We actually wish we had a physical ailment that could be cured with rest and chicken soup! Computer viruses are much harder to deal with. Thanks to our wonderful CBF Technical Support, Jenny Samp, we were able to "cure" ALMOST all of it. Unfortunately due to a glitch, we lost all of our emails and most importantly all of our email addresses. (Yes, we had it backed-up but something failed.) So if you haven't heard from us - we're starting all over again. Please email us so we can get you back on our update list. We are not giving you the cold shoulder nor have we dropped out of circulation. We want to be in contact! Please send us a note. Thanks! Tammy & Ralph