Thursday, May 8, 2008

Computer virus! Achoo!

We actually wish we had a physical ailment that could be cured with rest and chicken soup! Computer viruses are much harder to deal with. Thanks to our wonderful CBF Technical Support, Jenny Samp, we were able to "cure" ALMOST all of it. Unfortunately due to a glitch, we lost all of our emails and most importantly all of our email addresses. (Yes, we had it backed-up but something failed.) So if you haven't heard from us - we're starting all over again. Please email us so we can get you back on our update list. We are not giving you the cold shoulder nor have we dropped out of circulation. We want to be in contact! Please send us a note. Thanks! Tammy & Ralph


Ed Jordan said...

Ralph and Tammy,

Ed Jordan here. Eniko and I gave you your pre-Hungary briefing.

Love to hear from you sometime. Will you be stateside and at the Assembly in Memphis?

wakeelf said...

Pardon my random intrusion to your blog. I am a third year medical student in NC trying to get in touch with someone with Project Ruth, the CBF project in Bucharest, Romania. I have spent several summers doing medical volunteer work in Romania and my home church here wants to get in on the action and do a short term trip back to Romania. We were hoping to go with a CBF sponsored project but after over a month of trying to reach someone with PR we have no luck. Could you possibly direct me to the right person I need to talk to? Thanks and blessings for your ministry.
In Christ,

Van said...

It is wonderful to find that you have a blog on the internet! I have had an interest in your work for years and now this affords me an opportunity to keep up with it.
Van Jones