Saturday, April 26, 2008

"What's Your Name?" FBC, Augusta!

"Mi A Neved?" is what is written on the front of the t shirts - what's your name? As each Gandhi student was handed one they immediately turned it over to find their name in the list. Then big grins broke out as they saw it there in black. It was another sign that they are important.

This week a team from First Baptist Church in Augusta, GA is saying to the Gandhi students "What's Your Name?" through the English lessons, fun nights, and outreaches. In class they are learning the different names we are called. In the evening they are shown that God knows their names - each and everyone.

On Thursday night, a man with a famous name, Elvis (!) and the Elvisettes, showed up during the pizza dinner. At first the students were stunned but as "Hound Dog" began they went wild with the rhythm! Who would know a lawyer, doctor, minister, businessman, and CBF GSC'er had so much talent to share??

Friday all the staff was honored with a tea of appreciation. They too received t shirts, New Testaments, and special gift bags full of teacher supplies. We wanted to say how thankful we are for their dedication to Gandhi.

After a weekend to recuperate, Monday began with English classes again. Monday evening was game night with ice cream and the opportunity to make name necklaces - another way to be reminded God truly knows your name and loves you.

Please continue to pray for the Gandhi students. Ask God to call out young men and women to follow Him and be leaders among the Roma of Hungary. Give praise for the influence FBC has had this week. Continue to pray for Clista and Glen Adkins and their ministry there.

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Tim Dahl said...

I was blessed to be an intern at FBCA right after I got out of seminary. They are a great bunch of people!

Good going!