Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cooking Lesson

I enjoy cooking (but not the cleaning up!). My friend, Zita, who helped me entertain a Roma friend with a cooking class, asked me to teach some of her Hungarian friends. So with recipes in hand I helped a group of eight learn how to do some easy, fun, and delicious foods for parties. We did mini hotdogs in a sweet/spicy sauce, onion dip, Hidden Valley (with a Hungarian mix), a paprika dip, no-cook banana pudding, and three variations of oatmeal cookies. Whew! The ladies, being ladies, also talked about husbands, kids, work, and church. I showed them how to carve out a cabbage or a round loaf of bread to use as serving dishes. I explained presentation can help make food look good. It was fun and served as an outreach for Zita to also invite the ladies to be apart of the Baptist Church's women's group.

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