Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gipsy Kings, A Cultural Experience

As you know we  minister among the Romany or as many Americans know them, the Gypsies.  Over these last 18 years we have been dismayed and entertained by the stereotypes many believe about this cultural group.  This past week we did a first hand investigation of the "Gipsy Kings" band.

We have been asked many times about the group but had no personal knowledge.  Our good friends, Vicki and Peter Nelson, changed that with an invitation to hear the band while sitting on the grassy hillside on a warm summer evening enjoying the company of good friends.  How could we refuse?  We considered it a "cultural experience" and an "investigation" into Romany stereotypes.  Yeah, right, right...

It was a great evening and we discovered the "Gipsy Kings" (that is the way the spell it) are Spaniards who fled to France during war time.  The Spanish version of their group name eventually turned into "Gipsy Kings" when translated into English.  They are really NOT Romany.  However, like the Romany culture they love music.  Their music is fun and certainly makes you want to move your feet, swing your arms and sway your hips.

It was a fun evening and we recommend seeing them in concert if you have the opportunity.  Just don't go expecting to see Romany. :)