Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Smile, God Loves You

These winter days are drab, gray, and cold but this past Sunday the children of the Romany churches in Ilk and Berencs had something to smile about. They had a shiny yellow reminder that God loves them. Thanks to Buddy and Betty Jo Carrier of Virginia, each child received a necklace with a smiley face hanging from it that said, "Smile, God Loves You." Buddy cuts them out, adds the string while Betty Jo paints the faces and the message. It was the perfect gift to brighten up the day! We join the children in saying, "Koszonjuk!" (Thank you!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Old Man Winter is Here...

Winter has arrived in Europe with blasts of frigid temperatures, thick foggy nights, and frequent snow falls. For many this is a welcome sight as they head to the mountains for skiing or frozen lakes for ice skating. Sadly for many of the Romany of eastern Europe winter brings a time of tough decisions. Homes must be heated and winter clothes/shoes are needed. Where does the extra money for these things come from? Often the choice comes down to firewood or bread, socks or medicine, coal or school books? These are difficult decisions especially when children or the elderly are involved. Please pray for resources to be provided for the Romany of Europe. Pray for us as we seek to help the Romany provide the basic needs for their families