Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving - A Feast for Friends

Like most Americans the third Thursday of November our thoughts turn to giving thanks.  We actually start thinking about it weeks earlier as I begin the search for the ingredients to make the traditional holiday foods.  Last year Ralph, Brittany, and I began a new tradition of making Thanksgiving lunch for our Romanian friends.  As you know the celebration began  many years ago when the Native Americans helped the newcomers from the Old World survive their first winter in their new country.  So the Europeans repaid the Native Americans by hosting a feast.  We tell our Romanians friends

that they are our Native Americans (they laugh wholeheartedly at this!).  They help us survive in a country and a culture that is not our own.  So we invite all those who have befriended us and helped us over the past year.  Let me say the list of guests gets longer and longer as we are blessed with such wonderful friends!  This year we feasted on many of our traditional Thanksgiving foods followed by the kids playing Wii while the ladies made bead bracelets.  I think I can honestly say a good time was had by all!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"And You Clothed Me..."

 One of the wonderful things about serving at Project Ruth is being around the children and seeing their joy over simple things.  This past week we distributed warm clothing to nearly all 220 kids from the tiniest of the preschoolers to the tallest of the 8th graders.  Project Ruth has always been a cooperative effort with many entities contributing.  Nothing proves this more than the clothing distribution.

Through partners in England a uniform company (American readers FYI - British students wear uniforms to school) sent us boxes of warm sweatshirts, soccer jerseys, and blazers.  World Vision contributed girls blouses and jackets.  A group of ladies knitted warm hats and scarves.  A church in North Carolina donated thick, cozy socks.  Several groups with the same purpose - to provide warm clothing for disadvantaged children living in a part of the world where winters are harsh.

We sorted the clothing into sections and allowed the students to choose.  While this took longer than the usual way of simply handing them a shirt, it was worth the effort.  The students giggled and "shopped" while trying on the various articles of clothing.  Each child went home that day with a bag of items to help keep them warm during the frigid temperatures to come.

We at Project Ruth are grateful for the support of so many who take seriously sharing God's love with others.
"And You Clothed Me..."