Monday, November 10, 2008

We Are Family

The WMU VA conference ended today, but not before I was able to share the stories of the Roma women many times. It was a great blessing for me personally as many women assured me they pray regularly for the Gypsies of the world. They were eager to hear how those prayers have been answered. I had a terrific time immersed among the prayer warriors of Virginia! Many of them had used the CBF missions material for the October studies so they had lots of questions.

"I've Been To The Mountain!" Saturday afternoon during break time I took advantage of the opportunity to squeeze in a walk. The clerk told me the trail was about a mile and it would take me to the "peak." Silly me didn't realize that meant that parts of the trail would be straight up! It was a challenge to get there but the view was certainly worth it. The path was covered with yellow and gold leaves. At the top I could be the mountains and the beautiful fall colors. God's creation! Gorgeous!

Now I'm off to the Virginia Baptists annual state meeting in Roanoke...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Virginia WMU - With My Sisters in the Mountains

The theme is "We Are Family, I've Got All My Sisters With Me" and Virginia women from churches across the state are enjoying the sisterhood! I'm at Eagle Eyrie, a Baptist conference center in the mountains of Virginia. The Women's Missionary Unions across the state get together annually to celebrate, learn, fellowship, eat, worship, sing, and just be women together. This year's worship services are being led by "Women By Design". They are a group of five ladies that use humor to teach about life and God's word. I am leading a breakout session called, "Gypsy Women, Life on the Edge". It's only been a few hours and already I am enjoying the atmosphere and camaraderie. My first session was well attended as I told stories of what we as American women have in common with Roma women. I wished them good luck and sent them into the night with a gold coin (chocolate filled). I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gypsy Camp?

Halloween is a fun time to dress up. I recently used it as an opportunity to teach about Roma stereotypes. Our new church home, Emerywood Baptist Church, had a "trunk or treat" - a new cultural experience for us I might add. I dressed in a costume and decorated the back of my car in ways that people stereotypically think Roma (Gypsies) dress. I gave out gold (filled with chocolate) coins - don't people think Gypsies believe gold brings you good luck? It gave me opportunities to explain Roma are really not like this. Well, it gave me the chance to explain it to a few people. I quickly learned the kids were just concerned about getting their candy and moving on to the next trunk. :) It was a fun cultural learning experience for me.


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