Sunday, December 25, 2011

Silent Night

As Ralph and I walked through the park on Christmas Eve we were discussing the church service to be held that evening. In our Romanian church it is typically a time for the children's program. It has been our family tradition to go to church on Christmas Eve and kids are cute in any culture so we had decided to attend. However, I said to Ralph, "I really miss those Christmas Eve services where we sing the traditional songs, hear the Luke scripture of Christ's birth, and end with the church in darkness singing "Silent Night" as the ripple of candles being lit goes across the room.

Personally, I think God knew what my heart needed. The children were great and the youth choir also sang beautifully. We sang a few traditional hymns, although in Romanian, I knew the words and sang in English. (not sure it was worshipful for those around me. :) Then just as the leader got up and announced the last song the electricity went out. He said, "Let's sing anyway." As the words of "Silent Night" were heard the congregation began to pull out their cell phones and the lights rippled across the sanctuary. It was a beautiful moment! "Silent Night, Holy Night..."

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Together in Romania at Christmas
Our family wishes you a blessed Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thank you Anna!

Last week we said good-bye to Anna Holladay our Ministry Assistant.  She came to us and Project Ruth for 3 months through CBF's Student.GO program.  Anna had a "can-do" attitude and did all we asked with a smile.  She helped in so many areas that her return to the USA leaves a big hole.  The students loved her, the staff relied on her, and we had a lot of laughs together.  Thank you Anna for your servant heart and your willingness to follow where God leads.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Deck The Halls...

Meet our 8th grade English Club.  The goal of club is for the students to practice their English, hear us use English, and have fun doing both.  This past week we decided to let them decorate the Christmas tree in the cafeteria.  We counted on the girls enjoying the task and thought the boys would be so-so.  Wrong!  The guys were as excited as the girls. It was a fun activity and one we used to help build the feeling of leadership among our oldest students.  "Deck the Halls..."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mos Nicolae

December 6th is a big day for the children of Romania.  The night before they spiff up their shoes and leave them in a prominent place for Mos Nicolae (a Santa figure) to find.  Mos Nicolae places small toys or candy in the shoes.  When the children awaken on Dec 6th they have a surprise waiting.
The 1st and 2nd grades at the Ruth School got a great big surprise on Tuesday when the Romanian United Way sent a group from the InMedio business to provide a Mos Nicolae program.  The library took on the look of a busy bee hive with children in clusters making ornaments, coloring, drawing cards for their parents, using glue and glitter, and generally having a GREAT time.  The InMedio people brought in yummy desserts, candy, and soda for the students as well.  (The sugar high hit as the children were on their way home!)  As each student left they were given a big hug and a gift bag of school supplies and chocolate. 

Thank you United Way and InMedio!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making Chrismons at Providence Baptist Church

 "Take the wire and crisscross through the crystal bead then add a gold bead..."  What do you know about making Chrismons?  The ladies at Providence Baptist Church gathered Saturday to learn how to do this beautiful art.  Chrismons are ornaments that are monograms of Christ and hung on Christmas trees to help keep us focused on the real meaning of Christmas.

Thanks to Rufty's Chrismon Shop in Salisbury and Carol Danforth of Knollwood Baptist in Winston Salem I learned how to make a few of the easy patterns.  (I originally learned about Chrismons 22 years ago while at College Park Baptist Church, our sending church.)  The ladies made an eternal wreath representing Christ's never ending love and an angel who heralded the news of Christ birth. 
The ladies were so enthusiastic we made extras to decorate the sanctuary tree.  It was a fun day and we're already making plans to do Chrismons in the spring.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

American Thanksgiving with a Romanian Flair

"We Gather Together to Ask the Lord's Blessings..."  Last Saturday the Americans of Project Ruth (Ralph, Anna Holladay, Brittany Garton, and me) hosted a traditional Thanksgiving meal for our Romanian friends.  I began by telling the story of the pilgrims coming to the New World in 1620 and what a hard winter it was.  The Native American Indians helped them greatly by showing them how to adapt to their new surroundings.  I compared this to how our Romanian friends had done the same thing for us.  We came to a new place and they helped us to settle in, teaching us about their language and culture.  This was our way of saying thank you just as they did many years ago.  Although I doubt they had sweet potato casserole and pumpkin roll! 

We had all the traditional foods thanks to many hours of scouring the Bucharest stores and to Rick Landon hauling over a few items in his suitcase in October.  (Thank you again, Rick!) (Yes, we had to start thinking about it that early!)  We had activities for the kids - pasta necklace making, pilgrims on spoons, and coloring pages.  After unbuttoning our pants, another traditional activity, we spent the afternoon enjoying each other's company.  As our guests departed we presented each with a candy cane explaining in our culture the end of the Thanksgiving celebration signals the beginning of Christmas.  "Joy to the World..."

Gypsy Smith School - Nov 2011

"No room in the inn" is a phrase we hear as Christmas draws near.  Last week we were repeating it as we discussed the high attendance of Roma leaders for the Gypsy Smith School.  Our dormitory was full and we had to bring in a couple of mattresses for the overflow.  It was a nice problem to have and shows how the leaders are hungry for Biblical teaching.  Our teachers, Hans Riphagen and Marco de Vos, were from the Baptist Union of The Netherlands.  It was a good week as they taught on Christology and Characters of the Old Testament.  At the end of the week we celebrated with a graduation service for Loredan who had completed his eight sessions.

During November we take time to count our blessings and we are grateful for the Gypsy Smith School.  We are thankful for the students who come eager to learn, the teachers who diligently prepare the lessons, the pray-ers who lift up the sessions, and those that financially support this program.  Thank you, God for your provision!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meet Sergiu

As the saying goes, "You could have heard a pin drop" in chapel this past Wednesday.  Our guest speaker was Sergiu, a young Roma leader attending the Gypsy Smith School this week.  He gave his testimony to the 5th-8th grades.  As Sergiu told about being burned as a child and having to be in the burn unit of a hospital, the Ruth students were quiet and attentive.  He told of other children in the unit dying and how scared he was.  He found peace in his faith in God.  It was a wonderful moment to see a Roma man, certainly a role model, sharing his love of God with our students.  Thank you Sergiu for being willing to share.  Thank you God for loving Sergiu and healing him years ago so he could use his life to serve you.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Laundry as a Ministry

Brittany and Anna clowning around with the iron.
Laundry is probably one of my least favorite household duties.  That is especially true in Europe because I do not have an electric clothes dryer.  Wet clothes are hung on drying racks and of course that also means more things have to be ironed.  (another least favorite activity)  I had volunteered to help the kitchen workers so they could concentrate on hot lunches for the students.

"Can you help with the laundry?" 

"Sure I don't need to speak Romanian very well to do that!"

You can imagine the look on my face when I saw the mountain of laundry that needed to be done at Project Ruth (PR)!  We have a dormitory for our volunteers and guests.  We have had several since this summer and no laundry had been done in a while.  Then when it was explained that the Romanians like their sheets IRONED (!) I really shook my head.  I was excited though because PR has an electric clothes dryer but then I found out it can only be used after the kids have gone home because otherwise it throws the electrical circuits.  Arrrgh!  So Anna, Brittany, and I took turns washing, hanging up the sheets, and then ironing.  It took a week but we got it done!  We also joked around and actually had a fun time.

Ministry takes on many different forms here.  Humbly I realized that for me washing and ironing sheets was a way to serve the Lord.  Thank you Lord for the lesson.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Chapel time at the Ruth School has been embraced wholeheartedly!  The kids enthusiastically sing and most of the time they sit quietly for the Bible story.  As the students become more familiar with the music we have asked them to help lead.  Can you name the tune in the video?  Does it sound like "Our God is an Awesome God"?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Other Duties As Assigned...

Anna on the left
Anna on the right
Student.Go is a program through CBF for college and seminary students to fulfill a call for ministry during their summer breaks or semesters.  We have had wonderful experiences with our "Student.Go'ers" through the years.  This semester is no exception.  Anna Holladay came to us and Project Ruth from Louisville, KY to serve for three months.  Her official title is Ministry Assistant but what does that mean?  As we've come to see it means something different every day.  Anna in her 'can do' attitude has stepped in and helped whatever the need.  We have begun to call it "other duties as assigned."  She has scanned hundreds of pictures in preparation for PR's 20th anniversary celebration, washed many dishes during our Gypsy Smith School week, participated in telling the stories in chapel, entertained volunteer teams, planned English Club, and the list goes on and on.  The Ruth School students are quick to give her a hug and the staff is grateful for her dedication in helping out.  We are grateful for Anna's willingness to go where God leads.

Are you interested in the Student.GO experience?  Or know someone that would be?  Take a look at for more information

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Noah and His Family

This week we have a team of youth from Burlington Baptist Church, Ipswich, United Kingdom at the Ruth School.  They are holding a morning club time for the 1st-4th grade because those classes have fall break and doing craft time and PE with the older grades.  Yesterday the team helped out in chapel by telling the story of Noah. "The aminals came in two by two, hurrah, hurrah..."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

English Club begins...

"At English Club we speak English."  With those words English Club for the Ruth School 7th and 8th grades began today.  Our group of 12 practiced their English by playing 'word' Bingo.  They eagerly searched for the words on their cards after they saw the Kit Kat chocolate bars that were the prizes.  It was touching to see the student that won share his candy with his friends.  It was a fun time and we are eagerly anticipating next Wednesday when we will do it again.

**Looking for a way to serve?  At English Club you only need to be able to speak English and enjoy having a good time.  Come and join us!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Latest Graduate

After completing two years (8 sessions) of the Gypsy Smith School a pastor is ready to graduate.  Marian (no, it's not a typo.  This is a masculine name in Romania.  MAR-e-on) graduated with our last session.  He was recognized at the weekly worship session, prayed for, and then presented with a certificate and a new Bible.  It is a great celebration that all the pastors enjoy.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Gypsy Smith Leadership School - October

21 Roma leaders from around Romania gathered this week at the Ruth School for training.  Dr Rick Landon and Dr James Stillwell from Lexington, KY taught on Spiritual Disciplines and Pastoral Care.  "I am a unique, unrepeatable miracle of God" was one of the phrases heard often.  As well as "You are God's Gift" and "Every pastor needs a pastor".  It was a week of information that can be taken back to the Roma congregations and used in weekly ministry. 

Thank you to all who prayed for this session and contributed financially to make it happen.  God blessed it tremendously!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Slice of Romania...

I was on the 6th floor when I heard this beautiful voice drifting through the window...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Success Beyond Imagination!

 Our first chapel was fantastic!  Our theme for the year is "God Loves You".  Sami, the youth minister at Providence Baptist Church (the original dreamers of the Ruth School) provided upbeat, simple praise choruses for the students.  They loved singing!  Next Boulevard Baptist Church team member, Justin, and CBF Student.Go'er, Anna, acted out a skit with a passenger wanting to go in a taxi to the Ruth School.  With laughter this
gave us the segway for the Boulevard team to present the story of Ruth.  Then we were able to explain how the Ruth School got its name.  God blessed us with the talents of several people to offer a worship time on the right grade level and that kept the interest of the students. 

Sewing club has begun!  We had 14 students, mostly girls with a few boys, come to learn how to sew.  As
Toni, Boulevard team member, instructed the students on how to begin, you could feel the excitement.  And it grew considerably when she moved them to the machines!  You could hear the motors running and exclamations as the students began practicing.  They learned the basics of sewing a straight line, pinning seams, sewing on buttons, and how to do corners.  At the end of the session the students modeled their fleece scarves.  Unfortunately the machines couldn't take the wear and tear.  Of the 30 donated machines we could only get 9 to sew the day before club.  By the end of sewing club only 2 still functioned.  But the students still had a great time and are already asking when the next club will be! 
Thank you for praying for these two activities.  God's hand was upon us and the blessings were immeasurable!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1st Chapel - Prayer Request

Dear Prayer Supporters, It's a big week here at the Ruth School.  Tomorrow (Wed Sept 28th) is our first chapel.  This will begin our weekly time of introducing the Ruth School students to the love of God and helping them to grow in that love.  With the help of a team from Boulevard Baptist Church in Anderson, SC, we will begin with the story of Ruth.  Please pray the students are attentive and that they participate.  Pray we will plant seeds that will grow over the school year.

Also tomorrow we are launching our after school sewing club.  One of the Boulevard members has come prepared to teach a project to the upper level grades.  Pray all will go well with no fingers caught in the needles and that the students will not only learn about sewing but have a good time too.  Pray our machines work.  Of the 30 donated we are down to 9 that actually sew. 

Thank you for praying!

Moms' Club!

We had 20 school moms make their way to the library on the second floor of the Ruth School Monday morning.  Our school nurse gave a presentation on breast cancer since next month is awareness month.  The ladies were attentive and asked several questions.  We talked about the importance of caring for one's health.  One of the Boulevard Baptist team members, visiting to help out this week, said, "You're young women now.  You have to take care of yourselves so you can be old ladies in the future!"  Everyone had a hearty laugh.  Lastly we decorated picture frames and handed out the pictures we took at our last Moms' Club.  After cookies and drinks the moms headed down the stairs to collect their children.  It was a fun time.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Prayer Request - September 26

Prayer Supporters:  Please pray for our 1st Moms' Club being held Monday, September 26th.  We are teaching on Breast Cancer since October is International awareness month.  We will also being doing a craft with picture frames.  I was optimistic and bought 51 frames!  Please pray the Ruth School mothers will come and begin to build a fellowship.  Pray God's love will be seen and heard as the team from Boulevard Baptist Church in Anderson, SC, interacts with the moms.  Thanks!
**Sorry for the short notice.  Due to other scheduling conflicts we had to plan this quickly.  We're expecting great things!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Romanian Culture Lesson #2

Friday afternoon the Ruth School administration team took a trip to the country just outside of Budapest. Imelia, our secretary and PE teacher, invited us for a Romanian grill at her parents' place. It was peaceful and relaxing. Romanians certainly know how to do a backyard bar-b-que!  We had 4 kinds of meat along with red peppers, mushrooms, egg plant, and tomatoes.  We are grateful for the opportunity to get to know the staff better and to learn first hand about Romanian culture.  I know Ralph really likes this part! :)

Learning to skin a red pepper

Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Year Mark

One year ago today we moved to Romania.  Thank you for praying for us during this time of transition.  The year has been one of learning - language, culture, making new friends, discerning what direction God would have us go, enjoying the beautiful children at the Ruth School, getting to know the Roma leaders, and so much more.  We feel blessed and are looking forward to the future.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Wheels - Answered Prayer

Prayer Supporters - Thanks for praying with us about our car situation. As you know when we moved from Hungary last year we brought our little Skoda car. We thought it would be easy to transfer the Hungarian plates to Romanian plates. After all both countries are members of the European Union and that's suppose to make those sorts of things easier, right? Wrong! After several visits to different government offices and speaking to various "officials" the word finally came that it would cost nearly as much as the car was worth to transfer it.  So we made the decision to return the car to Hungary, sell it, and use the money to buy a used car in Romania.  It worked out great.  We got nearly the same style of car, a Skoda, with a darker color.  The added bonus is we could request what we wanted the license plate letters to be.  Ralph chose "Rut" which is Ruth in Romanian.  So we are now driving the Ruth-mobile while working in partnership with Project Ruth.  Thank you for praying with us through these decisions.  Come serve with us - we'll take you for a ride!

Monday, September 12, 2011

1st Day of School 2011-2012

Patiently waiting to enter
 The 2011-2012 Ruth School year has begun!  The students and their parents began to arrive around 8AM to await the opening ceremony on the soccer court.  They excitedly lined up by grade with flowers for their teacher in hand.  Giggles and shouts of greeting were heard over and over.  Our former director, now art teacher, Ms Tita, introduced our new director and 1st grade teacher, Ms Virginia.  Each class and their teacher were recognized with applause.
4th grade made an arch of flowers - very festive!
The 4th grade formed an arch way on the front steps of the school. Each class paraded down the sidewalk and into the building through the waving flowers.  It was very festive!

In the 1st grade room there were a few tears as parents left their young ones in "big" school for the first time.  Ms Virginia reassured them their children would be OK.  I was struck by the thought that parents are the same the world over -
Our 2nd Preschool class!
that first day of 1st grade is traumatic no matter what culture you live in!

Ms Angela, our preschool teacher and social worker, lined up her little ducklings to see the "big building" they all have the goal of attending in the future.  Then they prepared to go to their class room in the smaller building a few blocks away.

It was a wonderful start to a new year. Join us in praying for a great year for all!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ruth School Teachers Are Back!

Teachers' Meeting
"Are you ready for the new school year?"  The Ruth School teachers have reported back to work and today we held a meeting to welcome them.  We started with snacks, drinks, and fellowship.  Then Oti Bunaciu and Mishi Ciopasiu, administrative leaders, gave a brief overview of Project Ruth and plans for the new year.  Virginia, our new school principal, was formally introduced and Angela, our school social worker, gave a report on the families of the students.
Project Admin speaks to the teachers
We're looking forward to a new year and exciting things to happen among the Roma children of Ferentari!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy 24th to Amy Lee.

Our grown up daughter
 Our daughter turns 24 today.  For the two of us it seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital and wondering, "What do we do now?"  Since both our children are grown and doing pretty good, I guess we did OK.

We are thankful for God's blessing on our family.
Bringing Amy Lee home
And we wish Amy Lee Stocks Gallaher a very happy birthday!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Ralph!  Here he is acting goofy - a rare sight - that's usually me (Tammy).  Two of his favorite things are Duke basketball and Crunchie candy bars (a childhood memory from Zambia).

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Day at the Farm - A Romanian Culture Lesson

This past weekend we were invited to spend the day in the Romanian countryside.  Oti Bunaciu, our friend and pastor, organized a fun time  for a group of us at his maternal grandparents' old home place.  It is in the hills of Romania and very rustic.  His cousins did an old-fashioned grill with sausages, kabobs, fried potatoes, green peppers, and onions.  Oh my, the food was plentiful and so, so good!  The water was out of a nearby well and the hillside was dotted with bee hives.  Apple and pear trees were abundant along with blackberry bushes.  Ralph and I were able to experience a bit of Romanian culture outside of the big city.  Oti's cousins were generous with their hospitality and we all had a great time.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Countdown Begins...

The Ruth School begins for the new year on September 12.  The teachers report August 29th.  Please begin to pray now...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow..."

Breakfast with the Adkins & Childresses
I'm not sure what the words in the title mean - I never have been a fan of Shakespeare.  However, I can say from personal experience there is not much sweet about parting - it is a great sorrow.

Each time we have had to say good bye traveling to and from Europe it is hard.  One would think it would get easier since we've done it so many times.  Not so.  Leaving our grown children, aging parents, and good friends seems to get more difficult.  From the very beginning of our ministry among the Roma we have said, "We are strong in our calling but weak in our homesickness."  I can say after 17 years of life in Hungary and Romania that that is still true.
Last lunch with our children
**Pictured here saying good bye to friends - Glen and Clista Adkins with Ethel and Jim Childress at the local greasy spoon for breakfast.  Below - one last lunch at Chipotle with our children - all three! Josh and married couple, Amy & Tyler.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Home Again...

Ours is on the 6th floor.
"Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy, Jig"  When our kids were little we nearly always said this as we pulled into the driveway after a long trip.  I found myself thinking it as we rode the elevator to the 6th floor of our building in Bucharest.  It was good to be back after an adventurous summer in the USA.  I had two surgeries (all is good now), our son graduated from law enforcement training, our daughter married and moved into their first home, Ralph did some follow-up medical checks, we spoke in several churches, attended the CBF GA in Florida, and those were just the highlights!

Now we are excited about the Ruth School starting around September 15th with a new principal, GSS sessions in October and November, planning the 20th anniversary of Project Ruth for 2012, craft projects for the women of the school and church, English Club, volunteer teams coming to help this fall and spring - just to name a few things!

We are so grateful for your prayer support.  God is doing great things in Romania.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Baking Bread

The sweet aroma of bread baking is like no other.  In the village of Pocsaj on Beke (Peace) Street one can smell that mouth-watering aroma regularly.  The Roma church located at the end of this dirt street had built an oven for its members to use.  Even though bread is cheap in eastern Europe it can be baked at an even cheaper price.  This saves the Roma of the church a little bit of money.  It also fosters fellowship among the members and can be used as an outreach to others in the village.  Jesus said, "I am the bread of life..." 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

3 Nickles A Day

 Can you spare 3 nickles a day?  College Park Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC (our sending church 17 years ago) asks its members to do just that.  Their "3 Nickles" program financially supports three ministries.  We are pleased that they have chosen Project Ruth as one of these.  College Park has been a Ruth School supporter for many years.

The church encourages worshippers to give above and beyond their normal tithes by giving 3 nickles a day, roughly a dollar a week.  It is a small price for the huge impact those three small coins can have.

Thank you College Park Baptist Church!
Quote above the entrance to CPBC

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FBC, Manchester, GA

This is First Baptist Church, Manchester, GA.  They have added Project Ruth to their annual budget and support the Ruth School monthly.  Their regular donations help us make a difference in the lives of Roma children in the Ferentari neighborhood of Bucharest.  Perhaps your church will consider partnering with us?  We give God thanks for FBC, Manchester and others that assist in the ministry of Project Ruth.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CBF Celebrates 20 Years...

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (our employer) celebrated its 20th anniversary at our annual General Assembly (GA) in Tampa last week.  It was a party where we celebrated our beginnings, how far we've come, our ministries, our partnerships, and so much more.  New field personnel were commissioned and we had a grand party to mark this 20th year.

As part of the GA every year there is an exhibit hall and the Gypsy Team had a booth.  Here we show pictures of the various ministries our team is engaged in and give out information.  It was good to see old friends that have partnered with us and make new friends.

Happy Birthday CBF!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Passport Kids Camp

Gypsy Lady at camp
 Going to camp is as American as apple pie and baseball.  This week Ralph and I had the privilege of being the missionary speakers at PassportKids camp at Eagle Eyrie, VA.  It was fun, fun, and more fun.  The 3rd - 6th graders were eager to learn about the Roma culture and about the Ruth School - Gypsy students their same age.

Ralph at the Chinese Night Market
 This year's theme was TREASURE:  Ask, Seek, Knock, using a pirate theme and an emphasis on helping in China

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Making Friends and Saying Thanks

Meet the ladies of the Lottie Moon Missions Group at Jersey Baptist Church in Linwood, NC.  They are a praying group of women!  For several years they have been committed prayer supporters of our ministry among the Roma.  We regularly receive cards reminding us that these ladies are "holding the ropes" for us.  Recently I met the group for lunch and was able to thank them personally for their commitment and partnership in helping the most neglected hear about Jesus.  We had some great home cookin' and even better fellowship.  Thank you Ladies!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Trips That Make a Difference...

You have the opportunity to see God at work through the ministries of the Fellowship this October. CBF is committed to ministry among the world’s least evangelized and most marginalized people. The Romany are among Europe’s most despised and unwanted people. For nearly two decades CBF field personnel have been sharing Christ’s hope. Now, you can experience ministry firsthand among the Romany people in Eastern Europe. Travel October 7-17 with CBF field personnel and staff to witness how God is changing lives.

Estimated cost: $2,600 (airfare and accommodations)

Destination: Eastern Europe, including Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Contact: Jennifer Graham at (678) 313-3999

Sunday, June 12, 2011

In the USA...

Ralph arrived Thursday to join me in the USA.  We are here to speak in churches, attend CBF's annual General Assembly, and most importantly attend our son, Josh's law enforcement graduation and our daughter, Amy's wedding.  It is a packed summer but one we are already enjoying.

Amy & Tyler were "showered" this week with a party hosted by our friends, Glen & Clista Adkins (remember our colleagues from the Gandhi School?) and Jim & Ethel Childress (long-time volunteers).  In the picture you see our family with Ralph's mom, Doris, along with the groom, Tyler Gallaher with his parents, Rob & Suzanne.  We ladies had to wear boas while the men had designated caps.  It was a fun time.  We are blessed to have such good friends.

Josh's graduation is this week so we are in the season of parties! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wollaston Free Church Visits

Wollaston Free Church in Great Britain has been a partner of Project Ruth from the very beginning.  This generous, missions-minded congregation has sent volunteers, truck loads of goods, and funds for nearly 20 years.  This past week a group from the church came for a visit.  There was great excitement when they handed out stuffed animals to the Obed Day Center children and big smiles when chocolate was presented to the Ruth School students.  What child doesn't like either? :)

Project Ruth appreciates the commitment that Wollaston Free Church continues to make to help Gypsy children receive an education.  God's blessings to you!