Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Wheels - Answered Prayer

Prayer Supporters - Thanks for praying with us about our car situation. As you know when we moved from Hungary last year we brought our little Skoda car. We thought it would be easy to transfer the Hungarian plates to Romanian plates. After all both countries are members of the European Union and that's suppose to make those sorts of things easier, right? Wrong! After several visits to different government offices and speaking to various "officials" the word finally came that it would cost nearly as much as the car was worth to transfer it.  So we made the decision to return the car to Hungary, sell it, and use the money to buy a used car in Romania.  It worked out great.  We got nearly the same style of car, a Skoda, with a darker color.  The added bonus is we could request what we wanted the license plate letters to be.  Ralph chose "Rut" which is Ruth in Romanian.  So we are now driving the Ruth-mobile while working in partnership with Project Ruth.  Thank you for praying with us through these decisions.  Come serve with us - we'll take you for a ride!

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