Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Latest...

Well, finally after living in a whirlwind of activities, much planning, lots of packing, many good-byes, and great anticipation we arrived in the US for our off-field assignment August 1. It was a sweet reunion with our children and Ralph's parents. We are very grateful to the missions-minded folks at Emorywood Baptist Church in High Point, NC who had a cottage ready for us to simply walk in, unpack, and be at home. Everything was in place right down to new toothbrushes! Thank You! We had our first American breakfast at the local mom & pop restaurant, worshipped in a beautiful sanctuary with padded pews and an orderly service (not found in our usual Roma churches), spent a great deal of time in the grocery store trying to make decisions (way too many choices!), and enjoyed the orderly driving & much lower gas prices ($4 a gallon here verses $9 in Hungary) We are headed to Missouri for a week with Tammy's family. Then we will take both our children to college August 16th (Where did the time go?? How can they both be in college??). After all these activities we will settle into a routine that we hope will include seeing many of you. Please give us a call or send us as an email if you would like for us to come and share about the Roma ministry in Hungary. Ralph's schedule is somewhat limited as he works to finish his seminary degree but Tammy is ready and willing! We look forward to hearing from you!

**I will post pictures of our last camp with the Latino Youth of Virginia as soon as possible. My camera is on its last legs and I am unable to download pictures. It was a WONDERFUL week!