Friday, August 24, 2007

On the Road Again

Ralph is making a day trip to the village of Szakmerkecke. This Roma congregation desperately needs a meeting place of their own. They have been meeting in members' homes and have outgrown all of the small living spaces of the Romany (Gypsies). While their dream is a building of their own (refer to past posts on converting existing houses into churches), the reality of the present is that they are adding a room onto the main layleader's home. Ralph has gone to look over the construction and help solve the problem of a leaky roof. This larger room will give them a place to meet while they continue to pray asking God to provide them with a house to renovate. It is through the generosity of CBF supporters that this project is happening and the prayers of the Roma are being answered. Thank you!

Everyone Needs a Little Vacation

Everyone needs a break from their jobs, ministry, and routines now and then. Ralph's older brother, Lee, his wife, PJ, and their daughter Lara came for a visit. This was their first trip to see us and we wanted them to see all the sights and experience the unique Hungarian culture along with the delicious Hungarian food. Both families then packed up and headed to Arosa, Switzerland for a week. We were blessed to have the use of a chateau owned by friends. We had a fantastic time enjoying God's beautiful scenery, hiking the mountain trails, riding the trains, buses, and cable cars, and just relaxing together.

All too soon we were back in Budapest putting daughter Amy on the plane to head back to college. Lee and family followed as they returned to North Carolina. Next Josh started his senior year of high school. We are back into our normal routine with fond memories of an enjoyable time.
Picture: Ralph with brother Lee, sister-in-law, PJ, and niece, Lara.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

All-Team Meeting

Every three years the CBF teams coached by Jim and Becky Smith meet. The Romany team is one of those. This July we met in Prague at the International Baptist Theological Seminary. It is a beautiful campus and with a great location just far enough from the Prague center to provide peace and quiet yet quickly get to the downtown action.

It is fun to meet others ministering through CBF to various other people groups. We enjoy the fellowship and the exchanging of ideas. It is also an opportunity for several staff from the Atlanta office to come and speak to us about various thing within CBF life.
Picture: The Gypsy Cluster enjoying a meal together.

Commissioning of Clista & Glen

Time is flying by! Clista and Glen Adkins are scheduled to arrive August 27th. Please pray their good-byes will be meaningful, their daughters will have peaceful hearts, their travels will be safe and smooth, and that an apartment will be found near the Gandhi School. We particularly ask that you pray for an apartment within walking distance of the school with a modern kitchen and two bedrooms. We are excited that they will soon join us!
Picture: Glen & Clista in the middle with Jim Childress, FBC Greenville representative on the right and Rob Nash, CBF Global Missions Coordinator on the left.

It's a BOY!

Daniel Csuhai arrived last week! Jozsi is beaming and Zita is tired! Both mom and baby are doing well. Daniel's three older sisters are excited he is finally here. Thank you for praying for them all. This is a praise!