Saturday, March 14, 2009

Serving at WestEnd Ministries

We are on off-field assignment in the US. Some think because we are not in our "usual" place of ministry that ministry stops. "We're taking the time off." Not so. Ralph and I believe that Christ calls us to be servants wherever we are in the world.

We recently had the opportunity to serve through our local church, Emerywood Baptist in High Point. The WestEnd community in this city is one of great need and our new church has committed to providing a meal once a month through WestEnd ministries. I volunteered to help feed the nearly 200 that come and this month found myself up to my elbows in ground beef, egg noodles, and spaghetti sauce. Not one to have all the fun by myself, I recruited my family to join in. Doris, my mother-in-law, cooked the beef, cut the cakes, and filled the glasses. Ralph hauled pans, set up chairs, and served food. Josh moved heavy things and poured the tea. Friends from Emerywood provided vegetables, bread, and dessert. And others, Mitzi, Harry, John, Linda, and Mike were present to serve and welcome the guests. After serving, we straightened the room and helped the staff get ready for their Friday morning bread giveaway. It was a tiring but rewarding evening.

I ask - Where are you serving in Christ's name?