Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Anniversary! And Thanks!

Happy Anniversary to Us! As of February 22 we have lived in Hungary for 12 years! Where does the time go?? Many of you were with us as prayer partners from those beginning days in Derecske when we felt like we were living in the movie, Fiddler on the Roof, to the present time of living in this beautiful city of 2 million plus. More of you have come along side us during this time. We are grateful for the prayers, volunteers, and financial gifts during this journey. Thanks to each of you! We feel God's continued guidance in the Roma ministry. And we look forward to where He will lead in the future.

Bwana, the Story Collector

Ever find yourself doing something that you just never thought you had the gift to do? God often surprises us by slipping in those challenges when we least expect them and then gives us the ability to accomplish them.

Recently I, Tammy, was asked to lead the elementary portion of the daily chapels for Spiritual Emphasis Week at Josh's school (International Christian School of Budapest). I had never entertained such an idea but with encouragement from Ralph and inspiration from a series of children's sermons of my brother-in-law, Tom Stocks, I accepted the challenge.

Using the 1956 published book, Jungle Doctor's Monkey Tales by Paul White, I told stories of monkey life that had a Christian theme or lesson to learn. I arranged the setting with plants and other items, played African music as the 1-5 graders filed in and out each day (their favorite was "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"), and dressed the part of Bwana, the Story Collector. Each day we jumped around, scratched, picked ju-jus (made up word for why monkeys scratch), made monkey noises, and had a great time. I like to think the kids learned a thing or two as well.

It was a fun time for me and a confirmation that God isn't finished with me yet! I can only imagine what other surprises He will call me to...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Guests are the Best!

We were honored to host, Heather Barron, Coordinating Council member, in our home this week. Heather is on vacation and since she teaches youth missions at her church in Kentucky, wanted to see first hand what the girls are studying. We visited the Csobanka Roma church and the members were delighted to have Heather speak a few words of greeting.

Are you planning to travel through Budapest? Give us a call or send us an email. We know some of the best authentic Hungarian restaurants and are glad to provide the dinner topic on ministry among the Roma in Hungary. Ya'll come!

Happy Birthday, Wes!

Wes and Susan Craig minister in Bucharest, Romania at the Ruth School. They have various duties helping to support this vital work among the Roma (Gypsies). They also support the ministry of the Gypsy Smith Leadership Training School. February 21st is Wes's birthday and his first to be celebrated since their move to Romania. Join us in praying for him and celebrate Wes following God's call to work among the most neglected. Happy Birthday Wes!

PS Wes is pictured here with wife, Susan on the right, and Penny Mann on the left - all three are part of CBF's Global Service Corps.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gypsy Smith School Session in March

The next session of the Gypsy Smith Leadership Training School for Roma (Gypsy) leaders in Bucharest, Romania is March 19th - 23rd. Tandy McConnell and David Jordan will be the visiting lecturers from the USA.
Please pray for the Roma as they travel to Bucharest for the classes.
Pray the classes will be a learning and growing experience for all those involved.
Pray for Tandy and David as they travel.
Pray for Wes Craig, CBF GSC'er; Alex Ghita, Romanian leader; and Andy Brockbank, Project Ruth associate director; as they handle the details and make the arrangements for the week of activities.
Pray each day of this week for God's hand to be upon the GSS, for His guidance, His wisdom, and His plan to be fulfilled.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Prayer Undergirds Our Ministry

Our CBF Gypsy Team meets twice a year to plan strategy, report on our ministry, exhange ideas, experience good fellowship, swap resource materials, and most importantly, pray for one another. We just finished our January meeting. The posted picture is our team praying for new Global Service Corps workers, Susan and Wes Craig, ministering to the Roma in Bucharest, Romania with the Ruth School and Gypsy Smith School. Please continue to pray for our Gypsy Team.