Thursday, November 3, 2011

Other Duties As Assigned...

Anna on the left
Anna on the right
Student.Go is a program through CBF for college and seminary students to fulfill a call for ministry during their summer breaks or semesters.  We have had wonderful experiences with our "Student.Go'ers" through the years.  This semester is no exception.  Anna Holladay came to us and Project Ruth from Louisville, KY to serve for three months.  Her official title is Ministry Assistant but what does that mean?  As we've come to see it means something different every day.  Anna in her 'can do' attitude has stepped in and helped whatever the need.  We have begun to call it "other duties as assigned."  She has scanned hundreds of pictures in preparation for PR's 20th anniversary celebration, washed many dishes during our Gypsy Smith School week, participated in telling the stories in chapel, entertained volunteer teams, planned English Club, and the list goes on and on.  The Ruth School students are quick to give her a hug and the staff is grateful for her dedication in helping out.  We are grateful for Anna's willingness to go where God leads.

Are you interested in the Student.GO experience?  Or know someone that would be?  Take a look at for more information

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