Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow..."

Breakfast with the Adkins & Childresses
I'm not sure what the words in the title mean - I never have been a fan of Shakespeare.  However, I can say from personal experience there is not much sweet about parting - it is a great sorrow.

Each time we have had to say good bye traveling to and from Europe it is hard.  One would think it would get easier since we've done it so many times.  Not so.  Leaving our grown children, aging parents, and good friends seems to get more difficult.  From the very beginning of our ministry among the Roma we have said, "We are strong in our calling but weak in our homesickness."  I can say after 17 years of life in Hungary and Romania that that is still true.
Last lunch with our children
**Pictured here saying good bye to friends - Glen and Clista Adkins with Ethel and Jim Childress at the local greasy spoon for breakfast.  Below - one last lunch at Chipotle with our children - all three! Josh and married couple, Amy & Tyler.

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