Sunday, December 25, 2011

Silent Night

As Ralph and I walked through the park on Christmas Eve we were discussing the church service to be held that evening. In our Romanian church it is typically a time for the children's program. It has been our family tradition to go to church on Christmas Eve and kids are cute in any culture so we had decided to attend. However, I said to Ralph, "I really miss those Christmas Eve services where we sing the traditional songs, hear the Luke scripture of Christ's birth, and end with the church in darkness singing "Silent Night" as the ripple of candles being lit goes across the room.

Personally, I think God knew what my heart needed. The children were great and the youth choir also sang beautifully. We sang a few traditional hymns, although in Romanian, I knew the words and sang in English. (not sure it was worshipful for those around me. :) Then just as the leader got up and announced the last song the electricity went out. He said, "Let's sing anyway." As the words of "Silent Night" were heard the congregation began to pull out their cell phones and the lights rippled across the sanctuary. It was a beautiful moment! "Silent Night, Holy Night..."

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