Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cultural Note: Trash Days

Every October we look forward to "trash days". Each district in Budapest has a day assigned when they can put anything and I mean anything, on the street for pick up by the trash service. We are amazed year after year by the amounts of junk and trash that appear in front of people's homes. This picture is of one of the many piles in our neighborhood.

It is also interesting to watch the junk and scrap iron dealers who drive around the neighborhoods searching through the mountains of trash. They overturn boxes, pull the innards out of appliances, and generally make a huge mess as they look for "treasures". This year the district authority asked us to not put trash out until our designated day. It created a feeding frenzy of cars and trailers circling the neighborhoods, screeching up to a new pile, and someone jumping out to guard the pile or lay claim to it. It was comical and dangerous all at the same time. Just another day in Budapest....

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