Saturday, February 9, 2008

Help Wanted. Young, Energetic Workers Needed.

Below is an invitation to join Georgia CBF in a short-term mission trip to assist us in an English camp for the students at the Gandhi School. We take the top, specially chosen students to a nearby camp for English learning, games, fellowship, good food, and most importantly, an opportunity to see Christ through those serving. Look at our blog dated July 4, 2008 to see pictures of last year's camp. Take a glance at the website and please consider being a part of this adventure.
**Note there can be some flexibility in attending the organziational meetings if you are too far away. Access to a phone for conference calls would be a plus.

Hungary Mission Trip
You are invited to join others on a mission trip to Hungary on May13-23, 2008. Serving alongside CBF Field Personnel, a team of 6-10people will lead a five-day English camp for Roma (a.k.a. Gypsy) highschool students. Visit for more information orcontact Scott Ford at or 478.72.1191 ext 28. The website notes a February 13 application deadline which is somewhat flexible. Just call or email soon to get involved.

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