Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gypsy Smith School to Celebrate 10 Years

Dear Gypsy Smith School Faculty,

How many years do you think the Gypsy Smith School has been serving Roma church leaders? I’m sure many of you who were involved from the very beginning could answer this question very quickly. Others may not be so sure. Well, the answer is 10 years!

This March we will be celebrating 10 years of the Gypsy Smith School. We wish all of our GSS faculty members could be physically present at this special event, but we realize this is simply not possible. So, we would like for you to be present with us in two ways. One way is to intentionally pray for the Gypsy Smith School every day during the month of March. In this way you’ll be present with us in thought and spirit. The second way we would like to request your presence is through a simple statement. We’d like for you reflect on your time with the Roma students and send me a statement about your most memorable/significant moment with them. We plan to share some of these memories at the celebration and in this way you’ll be present with us through sharing your special memories. We also may use these statements for the newsletter and/or webpage.

You can send the statements to wcraig@thefellowship.info.

Thank you for your prayers, statements, and continued support of the Gypsy Smith School.


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