Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Reunited & It Feels So Good..."

Hunter the Wonder Dog! Today we visited him for the first time in a year. Our friends, Helen and Ellis Vaughan, graciously agreed to foster parent Hunter while we were in the USA. We had hesitated to go by to see him because the Vaughans were out of town and we didn't want to cause problems for the Hungarian friend staying at their house. Once the Vaughan family returned we went by for a visit. They have taken excellent care of him and treated him like one of the family. Hunter was excited and sensed us right away. He began racing about, giving little whelps, and stopping to have his belly rubbed. As we visited with Ellis I noticed Hunter kept peeping around the couch like, "Is that really them?" I also noted he was totally at home as he went over for a head scratch when Tori and Samuel came through the living room on their way out. When we left it was nap time (Hunter loves naps as much as food) and he barely raised his head in a signal of good bye. Thank you Vaughan family for taking such good care of Hunter the Wonder Dog!

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