Friday, October 23, 2009

Old Friends - The Revesz Family

If you have followed our ministry in Hungary since our early days the name Tamas Revesz may ring a bell. He was the young man in need of an internship for the seminary degree he was working on and we were in need of a leadership partner for the Pocsaj Roma mission. Tamas came into our lives while we lived in Derecske. Though he had his own apartment, he ate many meals with us and stayed overnight at our house many nights. Tamas was one of us. He was dating Orsi at the time and they married during our last year on the Great Plains. Tamas was very instrumental in the ministry in Pocsaj. He loved the people there and did what he could to teach and help them.

Time marches on... We moved to Budapest, as did Tamas & Orsi. They started their family and relocated to Debrecen. Our kids grew up and left home. We lost track of Tamas & Orsi. We heard they were living in a little village outside of Debrecen called Mikepercs. On a trip to eastern Hungary recently we decided to look them up. It was a great time of meeting their 3 kids (with #4 to arrive in Feb) and catching up. They enjoyed seeing pictures of Amy and Josh - saying Amy looks like the same sweet girl they remembered but Josh is a man! We all laughed. (Josh was 8 last time they saw him). They are very active in a church in Debrecen they helped to plant. It is growing and thriving. Ministry is still a large part of their lives while Orsi takes care of the family and Tamas works at Metro (a large warehouse-type store).

We are thankful for partners on this journey, old and new, that God brings across our path.

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