Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fostering the Next Generation

Meet Daniel, a twenty-something young man, who is the newest guitar player and music leader at the Csobanka Roma church. Daniel plays very well but needs confidence to stand before the church members to lead. That’s where Imre comes in. Imre, an older man, also plays and leads music for Roma worship services. He sees potential in Daniel and is encouraging him in his abilities.

On a recent Sunday Imre led while Daniel was in the background for the praise time. Then the moment arrived when Imre nodded and they changed places. With a grin and a strum of the guitar, Daniel began singing and the church members followed along. With Imre’s encouragement, knowing someone believed in him, Daniel had the boldness to step forward to use his gifts to serve Christ. Isn’t this a lesson for all of us? Ministry is also found in helping the next generation discover their gifts and develop their calling to do as God directs.

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