Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ladies' Day #2 - Ilk

We awoke this moring to the sounds of snow shovels. Yes, snow! This did not dampen our spirits or the women of the Roma Baptist Church in Ilk. We arrived in Ilk a little unsure of what to expect. News had reached us the church building (a falling down old house) had been sold and we would meet in a church member's home. The church room was actually a poorly walled in porch. The roof did not meet the wall on one side causing a bitter cold draft for those sitting there. This draft also caused the room to fill with smoke from the wood stove so we had to open the door which filled the room with cold air. What a cycle! It did not alter our plans or the air of excitement in the room.

Tibor the pastor led our praise time. As soon as he finished we said, "Thanks, now you gotta go!" The ladies laughed at the thought of kicking the pastor out of the church. He was goodnatured and said he knew when he was not wanted.

Today was similar to yesterday with our ice-breaker, drawings for little gifts, necklace making, and cake decorating. Becky McKinney once again touched the hearts of the women as she spoke to them of God's love and forgiveness. She spoke of celebrating our uniqueness as women and women of God. The ladies were eager to comment as Becky asked them questions about their own celebrations.

Again we heard lots of laughter, good natured teasing, and small talk. One lady commented she had never experienced anything like this before. Another said for her the best thing was no cooking or cleaning or thinking about what to feed her family. A third said she had not had so much fun in a very long time.

We handed out bright pink bags and reminded the ladies their sisters in Christ in America were praying for them. The bags carried on their arms were bright spots along the muddy road as they made their way with cakes in hand to their homes. What a day!

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