Sunday, January 16, 2011

CBF Missouri Is In The House!

The first session of 2011 for the Gypsy Smith Leadership School begins tomorrow (Monday, January 17). Three leaders from Missouri (my home state!) will be teaching this week. Harold Phillips (back row, plaid shirt) is the Coordinator for CBF MO, Warren Hoffman (back row, black vest) is the pastor of 3rd Baptist Church, St Louis, and Terrell Carter (front row, red shirt), wears a couple of hats including teacher, interium youth pastor, and Strategic Networker for CBF MO. (The other three people in the picture I assume our blog readers know - Ralph and Cami and Oti Bunaciu.)

Please pray for these men as they teach the Roma leaders this week through January 19th. Pray for the Romany leaders to put aside other things and to be able to concentrate on the lessons of the week. Join us in praising God for calling our leaders from both cultures who commite themselves to His service.

And... Go get'em SHOW ME State!

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