Sunday, March 18, 2012

"I was sick and you helped me..." Gardner Webb University's Healthcare Team

Access to preventative care is difficult for our Ruth School students and the Ferentari community.  This past week a group of nursing students and professors from Gardner Webb University in Boiling Springs, NC offered healthcare clinics to those in need.  They concentrated on offering assessments in the village of Glina at the Roma Baptist Church, for the Ruth School students and staff, and for the Ferentari community.
     It was a busy week as they also led chapel with a skit on using the gifts God gives us.  With a big stuffed dinosaur that had a full set of teeth, the team showed the younger grades how to adequately brush their teeth and then presented them with a brand new toothbrush.  Our older grades heard a talk on making good choices and to "just say no!"  For the staff a seminar on building self-esteem in students and a small gift of an apple timer helped them to feel appreciated.  Through generous donors the team provided a family health kit for all the school mothers attending the Moms' Club.  The moms were given information on keeping their families healthy.
     Thank you Gardner Webb University, team members, Smilemakers, Inc (donated stickers, toothbrushes, gifts), and others that donated.  Thank you to all that prayed for this week.  Project Ruth, the Glina community, and the Ferentari community were blessed.

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