Monday, September 2, 2013

Story Telling With a Twist

Can you guess what story we were telling at Summer Club?  Stefan, our resident clown, is pretending to be a fish out of water.  Is that a big hint?  If you guessed Moses parting the Red Sea, you'd be right.  Whenever we tell a story or teach a Biblical truth we try to be as interactive as possible.  In this instance a "Moses" was selected to lead the Israelites (all the children) across the sea.  They could feel the water mist (our helpers with spray bottles) as they walked through the blue alley.  There were fish and creatures on the water walls to make it more realistic.  It was a parade with giggles and marching along.  The children learned to trust God to help them in tough situations.  And hopefully they went home to tell their parents about walking through the Red Sea.

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