Saturday, December 5, 2015

Traditions at the Ruth School

This time of year there are many traditions to help celebrate the season from Thanksgiving to New Year's.  The Ruth School is no exception with traditions that the students look forward to participating in.  The first is our annual Thanksgiving tree.  We don't officially celebrate the holiday in Romania but that doesn't keep us from being thankful.  During our chapel time students from each class read what they have written on their leaves and then place them on the tree.  We leave the tree displayed in the chapel area to serve as a reminder of the many things we have to be thankful for.  This year the students shared they are thankful for their families, friends, teachers, our school, hot meals served every day, God's love, and so many other things.  It was a delightful time.

The other tradition is the honor of our older students to decorate the Christmas tree in the lunch room.  They do this after school as a surprise for the younger grades.  After the tree is decked out we celebrate with pizza and cupcakes.  It's an enjoyable time and we hope helps the older students develop their sense of leadership in the school.

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