Thursday, September 20, 2007

First Day for The Ruth School

It was a sunny, warm day as the children dressed in their best clothes made their way to the big white building in the run-down, drab, gray neighborhood called Ferentari in Bucharest. It was a happy day with little hands clutching flowers for the teachers and pre-teens giggling as they entered the gate. The Ruth School was beginning the 07-08 school year with close to 180 students ready to learn.

The students lined up to be welcomed by the director and received a few words of encouragement from me (Tammy). Then they filed into their classrooms eager to begin the new year. The first grade classroom was the expected mix of smiles and tears (most of the tears being the mothers dropping their little ones off for the first time).

All is well as Project Ruth continues to make a difference in the lives of the Roma families in the Ferentari neighborhood. Praise God for the new year and the opportunities it brings. Please continue to pray for the school as it offers hope through education.

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