Monday, September 3, 2007

Families, Good-Byes, Tears, and Hugs

As I sat on the front step of the Gandhi School waiting for Glen and Clista, I enjoyed watching the people around me. The Gandhi students come to school in shifts over the weekend before the first day of classes. Many of the students were moving into the dorm that day and they came with parents and a sibling or two in tow.

As I watched them I noted that some things are the same the world over. When the time for good-byes came there were hugs, tears, and "I Love You" 's being said as the parents prepared to leave. I watched it over and over and was reminded of having just said good-bye to our daughter at the airport as she returned to college. I knew what those parents felt. Even though our language is different, our cultures vary; I felt a bond between us. Parents are parents no matter where they are in the world and letting that young one go is always a bit difficult.

Now I feel like I should break out into song "The circle of life...." (Those of you that know me personally know that is a scary thought!)


Tim Henshaw said...

Ralph and Tammy,

We have a meeting of musicians who are interested in visiting you all next summer. After talking to the group, a week in June after June 10th (lasts day of school) would be the best. Let me know if this approximate date would work for a visit from musicians from Grandin Court Baptist, Roanoke.

Tim Henshaw

Tim Henshaw said...


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Ethel said...


What a wonderful picture I have in my mind of you bursting into song in front of the Gandhi school. Like Julie Andrews, you twirl and sing and all the others join in. It makes me smile just thinking about it. Great blog!