Monday, June 30, 2008

Csobanka Praises...

We continue to see the answers to our prayers and God is working! The Roma congregation at Csobanka is still on the road of forgiveness and healing. Yesterday we had a great day of singing and fellowship during the worship time. After the service there was a business session led by Jozsef Csuhai, the Baptist Union Roma Ministry Coordinator. It could have been a contentious time with two of the topics being controversial but again we saw God's grace at work as the discussion was heated but never ugly or spiteful. The congregation agreed to give shelter to a young Roma man and his family by allowing them to live in the actual church building temporarily. (Remember the Roma church buildings we minister with are actual houses converted to worship centers) Next they agreed to allow Jozsi Olah back into the fellowship with the promise of assurance that he will continue to seek healing and reconciliation for the difficult problems in his life and his family's. Thirdly we elected two people to do the financial accounting and another man to be the head layleader of the church. Lastly the congregation discussed the generous offer they have received from a Hungarian believer to outfit the church with a gas heating system. A budget must be developed and a plan to pay the gas bills must be settled. It was an amazing Sunday! Thank you for praying for the Roma of Csobanka and we ask you to continue to ask for God's guidance, wisdom, grace, and healing for them.

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