Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Role Reversal

Today I had to go to the dentist whose office is downtown. I took public (two buses and a subway) and arrived 20 minutes early. Not wanting to look too eager to get my teeth cleaned I decided to wait on a nearby bench and read for a few minutes. (I rarely ride public without a book a long) I was soon greeted by two Roma men, one was offering me a Christian tract while saying, "I see you are reading. Here is something to read that will change your life." I thanked him and declined the paper. I admit I really was not paying too much attention because there is always someone handing out advertisements on the street. But the man would not be put off. He insisted I needed this paper. It was then I realized he was trying to witness to me. While smiling I again declined the paper and said to him, "En is hivo vagyok." I, too, am a believer. With a nod and a smile the two men went on their way.

**Footnote - I must have looked particularly worldly or sinful because as I made my way home I was again stopped on the street by two elderly women who wanted to give me a tract and tell me about Jesus. Maybe it was national tract day in Hungary and I missed the memo?

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Penny said...

the real question is, what book were you reading to gain all this attention!?