Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Memory Lane & the Soft Sell

We spent our weekend walking down memory lane and hearing the case for living outside the Budapest city limits when we return next year.

First, we traveled to Derecske, the little village in eastern Hungary where we spent our first term. We have many fond memories (a few bad ones we choose not to dwell on) and good friends. (The picture on the right is our friend, Kati Kiss and her granddaughter, Tamara (my namesake!) We were amazed to see the changes in the village - a stoplight, a round-about, the church being renovated, a chain grocery store, our old house brightly painted, and the our street paved (!) - just to name a few. Even though there were many new things, we found the friendships we hold dear were the same. We had a good time walking down memory lane with the Saska and Kiss families.

The next day we spent with our ministry friends, the Csuhai family. Jozsi Csuhai and Ralph work closely together in the Roma ministry. Zita, the wife, and I enjoy each other's company but don't have many opportunities to visit (we live on opposite ends of Bp and she has a 1 year old). Jozsi and Zita want us to move to their side of Budapest, outside the city limits in one of the little towns surrounding it. They took us on a drive and pointed out all the positives of such a move - quietness, fresh air, lower rents, good public transportation, etc. They also showed us the various things they knew we would want in a location - a good supermarket, a gym, a place to walk, train or bus service, close to the main highway, etc. We value their friendship and appreciate that they want us to be closer to them so the friendship can grow. We will pray and ask you to join us in asking God to guide us in the right direction for our future ministry.

It was a good weekend!

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