Saturday, July 12, 2008

TAG - You're It!

Our TAG (Touch A Gypsy) team of 4 college students returned to us today. They had 3 weeks of successful camps in Slovakia with our colleagues, Dianne & Shane McNary. Pray for us as head off to Szatmarcserke (yes, that's the name of a village) to do a week of Backyard Bible Club for Roma kids. This will be a first for this little mission. Pray the children will come, have a great time, and feel the love of Christ through the actions of this TAG team.

We are also excited that Katie Beth Adkins, daughter of our colleagues Glen & Clista, will be joining us for this week. Katie Beth is a new college graduate, and is spending the summer with her folks before starting her new job this fall.

It all adds up to a fun week.

One last prayer request - pray for milder temperatures. Tomorrow's predicted high is 96 degrees Fahrenheit. That's hot! It's hard to keep your energy level up in scorching heat. And there is little AC available.

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