Sunday, July 13, 2008

Adkins Granted 3rd Year! Hooray!

Our colleagues, Glen and Clista Adkins, who have almost served a year in Pecs, have begun a wonderful ministry among the Roma high school students at Gandhi. They followed behind Penny Mann, taking the ministry she grew faithfully and tremendously a step further by not only teaching English but also ministering among the staff and beginning a choir. (The choir has their first road trip to Lepzig, Germany the end of this month. Please pray for them.)

Glen and Clista are Global Service Corps workers. This is a short term program through CBF with the standard being a two year commitement of service. We all knew the ministry at Gandhi is having a great impact on the students and staff. We requested the Adkins be extended for a third year. Why so early you ask?? The Gypsy Team, CBF national, the Gandhi School, and we local field personnel, do strategic planning, budgets, invite short term personnel (volunteers) and other things way in advance. So you see the need to know...

Just this week we received news that the extension was granted!!! Hooray!!! Answered prayer!!! Glen and Clista will be serving God and spreading the Good News of His Love for the Roma youth through the 2009-10 school year. Thank you for praying for this school and the students there.

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