Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amy Graduates!

Graduation! How can we suddenly be the parents of a college graduate? Amy's graduation from Campbell University has been one our most anticipated activities for this off-field assignment. What a celebration it was!

Family and friends joined us for a graduation supper the Friday night before. Since Ralph also graduates the end of this month (more on that in two weeks) we had a huge party for both of them. We had family from Missouri that brought the famous Earnhardt ribs, friends from everywhere including South Carolina, and our CBF supervisors from Atlanta (They have been very supportive of Ralph's journey to get his degree for all these years!) The rain held off so we could be outside. We put together puzzles of old pictures of Amy and Ralph and then played "How Well Do You Know Amy & Ralph?" It was surprising to see how many people actually knew so many details! Everyone had a fun time.

Graduation day began with the baccalaureate service in which Ralph had been asked to read scripture. So he, Amy, and Tyler got invitations to the VIP luncheon. The rest of us joining them in the afternoon for the commencement service. With over 500 graduates it took 25 (!) minutes for them to process in! We stood proudly when the name, "Amy Lee Stocks, Magna Cum Laude" was announced. Then before we could blink, Amy was a college graduate.

After a light supper at Amy's apartment, we all made our way back home. What a day! We were tired but Ralph and I could only grin from ear to ear with pride! Amy Lee Stocks, Campbell University, Class of 2009.

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Susan said...

Congrats! Wish we could have been there but thanks for posting pictures.