Monday, September 14, 2009

Memorial Walk

Ralph and I participated Sunday in a walk sponsored by the Canadian embassy to raise money for cancer research. We chose to do this to honor and remember Ralph's father, Lee Stocks, who lost his fight with cancer a year ago. The weather was perfect and the scenery beautiful as we made our way to Margit (Margaret) Island in the middle of the Danube River separating Buda and Pest. The registration was a bit chaotic but we got our t-shirts and purchased a few raffle tickets with some patience. We walked the four miles and shared thoughts of Ralph's dad. Upon re-entering the stadium we claimed our "goody" bags and waited for the results of the raffle. I was hoping for the plane tickets being offered by Portugal Air but was happy to win a new mobile phone with a Bluetooth headset and two bottles of famous Hungarian liquor. (Well maybe not so thrilled with the liquor since we don't drink it) The walk was a success for the Embassy since they expected 2000 people with about 3000 showing up. It was a success for us because we honored a man who made a big difference in our lives, our children's lives, and the lives of so many more.

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rosebuddy7 said...

I am writing a research paper on the Roma population in Hungary, outlining their history, culture, and researching how folklore can be used to reach this people with the gospel.

In your experience, how has God been able to use you to communicate his love with this unique people group?

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Thanks and God bless.