Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ralph in Bucharest

Ralph is off today to spend a few days in Bucharest for the quarterly session of the Gypsy Smith Leadership Training School (GSS). Roma (Gypsy) leaders meet four times a year for training on how to be effective leaders and evangelists among their own people. The week long classes are taught be invited speakers from the US, Romania, Austria, and Great Britain.

When asked Ralph will tell you it is one of his responsibilities through CBF to see that GSS runs smoothly so he needs to go. I suspect it's more than that - he enjoys being with the Roma leaders, he really likes the interaction with Oti Bunaciu (director of Project Ruth the umbrella GSS falls under), and he loves visiting Piccolo Mondo, the Lebanese restaurant in Bucharest that has FANTASTIC food (there is none like it!).

Please pray for safe travels for the leaders coming from around Romania and Moldova, for Ralph coming from Budapest, and for David Clark coming from the USA. Pray God will guide the Roma leaders in ways they can use the teaching they receive. Thank you for your prayer support. It truly makes a difference.

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