Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Too Old For This...Well, Maybe Not...

Hanging out with three college students for three weeks has its advantages. They are energetic and enthusiastic - it's easy to feed off of that and believe you can once again do anything! On the downside they are energetic and enthusiastic and I'm not a spring chicken anymore.

While touring Budapest with Nina, Caitlin, and Kolby we stumbled upon a free, yes, FREE, Rod Stewart concert. Noting their excitement I found myself agreeing to hang around to see the aging rocker (note: I knew ALL the songs he sang - what's that say about me and age?) We stood for three hours with thousands, and I mean that literally, waiting. Then we showed our "American-ness" by clapping and singing along. (Evidently this is frowned upon by most Hungarians)

One added bonus was the opening act, Caramel. He is the latest winner of Mega Star, the Hungarian equivalent to American Idol. Caramel, nicknamed because of his skin color, is Roma. He has openly stated he wants to use his new popularity to bring attention to the plight of his people. He is a very talented singer and we enjoyed his music.

All in all it was a terrific evening.

Hanging with college students: energizing & tiring
Standing on cobblestones to hear Rod Stewart: exciting & achy
Fostering the Next Generation of Mission-Minded Young People: PRICELESS!

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