Friday, August 13, 2010

Hunter Gets Adopted

Today we took Hunter to live with his new family. They have 4 kids - all still living at home and VERY excited to have a dog.

We took Hunter for one last walk since he has been our faithful walking companion for several years. After a bath, which he hated, we loaded up the car to stop by the vet's for a quick check-up. He was eager and we laughed saying he probably thought he was going to Vaughans' house (our good friends who dog sit and spoil him with belly scratches). Hunter was a bit confused when we got out at the Masons' house but quickly realized he was in dog heaven. The kids were eager to pet him, feed him snacks, and show him around their house. Yes, he will have a wonderful dog's life!

Thank you Hunter! You were a loyal pet. Have fun with your new family.

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