Sunday, August 15, 2010

Selling Our Junk

In Hungary we do not have the tradition of "yard sales". Instead you load up your good junk and go to the market. This past Saturday Ralph and I found ourselves setting up a table in the dark on the main street of a little town just outside of Budapest. Our friend, Zita Csuhai, was there to help us stake our claim on a good corner with a used clothing salesman and a man dealing in pajamas. We were across the street from a guy selling any kind of underwear you care to describe or imagine. This all happened around 5AM! I haven't seen that time of day in a while!

The crowd started around 7-7:30AM and were curious about these Americans selling used stuff. Some people stopped to ask questions while others just gawked. (I think they were amazed at how badly I butchered their language!) Zita's parents stopped by for a few bargains and a good-bye chat.

It was a great cultural experience and we had a fun time too. We were finished and on our way home by 10:30. I have a whole new respect for the tradesmen who make their living that way. I am vowing to try to shop locally from the little vendors more.

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