Thursday, September 9, 2010

Five Guys

Maybe when you read the title of this entry your mouth started to water because you thought of one of our favorite USA eating places - "Five Guys Hamburgers" - definitely the best hamburger you'll ever eat! These five guys are our favorites too and they are all partners in the Roma ministry here in Hungary.

When we began our ministry here over 15 years ago we ask God to bring us along side others to partner with. As time passed these four men crossed paths with Ralph. With each having his own set of strengths they began to work together from their love of God and devotion to seeing the Roma come to know Him. They became the committee that oversaw the Roma ministry among Baptists, the sounding board for ideas, the counselors for problems, the accountants for offerings, the trainers for Roma leaders, the providers for the basic needs of many families, and so many more things. These five guys worked together for several years through the ups and downs of ministry. We feel blessed to have served with them.

Last week we had the opportunity to gather with the Five Guys and their wives for a farewell dinner. It was a chance to think back over the years and look how far God has led the Roma mission work. It was also a great opportunity for Ralph and the Guys to express their thanks for each other's dedication to the ministry. Thanks Guys! We thank God for each of you!

Picture Left to Right: Balint Kovacs, Vince Lovas; Ralph Stocks; Tivadar Szegedi; Jozsef Csuhai

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