Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"To Live is Christ! Learning to Joyfully Lead Like Him"

268 participants from 38 schools in 14 countries gathered this past week at a former communist camp in the hills of Budapest for 3 days of leadership training. The students and their chaperones were from Christian high schools and eager to learn how to be effective leaders.

It was my privilege to return to Hungary to serve as one of the camp nurses and we were blessed that there were no serious illnesses. We dealt mostly with sore throats and headaches that come with late nights, early mornings, lots of talking, and afternoons of sports.
It was amazing to see so many young people committed to their faith with the desire to share it in their schools. The students soaked in the messages of the speaker as he spoke from Philippians. It was encouraging to see them in their discussion groups and hear the reports of their plans to impact their schools. The room was quiet as one Romanian young man shared how he had survived serious heart surgery through God's grace and the prayers of many in the room. There were cheers as different students talked about how this conference changed their lives. There were tears as some shared heartbreak and asked for prayers as they try to work through them. There were praises offered to the God that loves us all.
I am hopeful for the future...

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