Monday, February 13, 2012

Deep Freeze Continues...

For the second week in a row the Ruth School will be closed for a few days because of the weather.  The television keeps reminding us we were "code orange" but for today and at least tomorrow we'll be "code yellow".  I have no idea what the codes mean but I do know it serious.  Roads throughout the country are closed, avalanches are reported in the mountain areas, drifts are up to roof tops in villages, cars are stuck on back roads, and young men look like chain gangs carrying shovel around to help stranded cars.  They are calling this the "storm of the century".  Our day time temperatures hover in the teens Fahrenheit but with the wind chill they deep drastically.  From our 6th floor window the falling show is beautiful but I know it causes problems for our Roma friends.  They struggle to keep their homes warm under the best of circumstances.  No school means no hot lunch for many of our Ruth students.  Please join us in praying for an end to the deep freeze and for provision of those in need.

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