Saturday, February 4, 2012

Romania - Deep Freeze

Hard to teeter-totter when the snow is deep
 It started last week when it snowed for two days straight.  The temperatures dropped to well below freezing - in the teens for our daily highs.  Next the wind began to blow and the temperatures really fell.  And it is not over yet!

This is tough weather for anyone.  It is difficult to walk on the slick sidewalks, cars cannot stop and there are many accidents, chimneys are spewing smoke
Front door of our building
 and grocery stores are packed with people purchasing food to "hunker" down. 

Please pray for the elderly, the poor, and the young who are the most vulnerable to this extreme weather.  Pray for the many Roma who struggle to heat their homes.  Pray for the Ruth School's heating system to bear up under the demands to keep the building warm.  Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow...
Looking down from the 6th floor - it doesn't look bad

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scraig said...

I miss it! Package some of that up and send to Texas...I'll pay postage :)