Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Thoughts or Perhaps Spring Fever?

1st grade at the United Way banquet
Ministry as with many vocations has its great moments and its frustrating moments.  I admit I had one of the not-so-good ones this week where I wanted to scream, shut myself up in my apartment, drink coffee at the sidewalk cafe - anything but try to teach English to a group of wound up 7th graders.  The Ruth students have spring fever and it seems the sunnier the day, the crazier the kids.  How do teachers do it?!?! 

Our wonderful God knows what we need and he sent me a dose of sweetness in the form of the little 1st graders.  This group was singing for the Romanian United Way banquet and I had to help transport them from the hotel.  One little "sweetness" we have affectionately nicknamed "Crazy Girl" because she just can't sit still.  Sabina's (her real name) mom works in Italy so she lives with her dad and a few other assorted relatives.  Knowing this I try to hug her every chance I get.  As Sabina was practicing her song she spotted me watching and shyly smiled, then waved.  I beamed back and imagined I was her surrogate mom for the evening proud of my little Sabina singing her heart out.  The whole group sounded so cute and represented our school well.  The ride home was rowdy since I had four boys in my car!  It was a gentle reminder that this is why I'm here.  To help these kids have such opportunities, to give hugs, to be the presence of Christ as I can.  Thanks for the reminder, Heavenly Father!

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