Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week of Prayer - Romany - Day 2

Day 2

Church Starts and Faith Sharing

 Sergio, an 18-year-old Roma, lay in the hospital ward thinking of death. He was admitted with severe burns following an accident at home. As a week passed two of his ward-mates succumbed to death with burn injuries. Sergio was sure he would follow the same path. Yet he had been to church a couple of times and knew about God’s love for him. In complete humility he asked God to forgive him in his final days. God forgave him and healed him! Sergio shared this testimony with a hushed audience of middle-school Roma at the Ruth School in Bucharest. Upon his release from the hospital Sergio joined the local church and professed his faith and invited his father to join him. Nowadays Sergio leads the youth group at church and is attending the Gypsy Smith School for ministry training. Sergio serves by sharing the love of God he has felt and received in his heart.

Ralph and Tammy Stocks, Romania/Hungary

Prayer requests:
--Pray for Sergio as his calling to church leadership develops
-Pray for students at the Ruth School to accept Christ as their Savior from hearing testimonies of other Roma testifying to the love of God
-Pray that graduates of the Ruth School who re-enter Romanian public education will experience success and have enough self-esteem to overcome discrimination from fellow students.
-Pray that teachers at the Ruth School will instill in their Roma students a strong sense of God’s love for them and exhibit good cross-cultural skills in teaching them.

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